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Tomopop Review: Android Lucky Cats

4:00 PM on 06.29.2013 // Vanessa Cubillo

Lucky or not, these cats are still cute

The lucky cat is known as a Japanese figure of good fortune. Placed in the home, or your place of business, depending on the color, these cats were thought to give you luck in specific areas of your life. Now, Dead Zebra has produced these Lucky Cat Android mini collectibles designed by Shane Jessup.

Available in 12 different cats, with nine different colors, will these cats bring you luck, or are they just a misfortune? Read on to find out. 

Product Name: Android Lucky Cats 
Product Maker: Dead Zebra, Inc.
Retail Price: US$9.99
Available At: myplasticheart | Dragatomi

Beginning with the box, the design is a good representation for what the whole figure is. The box is essential a lucky cat on its own. On each side is a cat's eye; one open, one closed, and on the back is the Kanji symbol for good fortune. I really enjoy when the packaging is just as detailed as the product itself. It gives you the option of keeping your figure in box for display, or an aesthetically pleasing storage place for your figure.

Continuing with the box description, on the very top of the box is an image of an Android in whatever color your figure is. So I have a box with a blue Android, and one with a pink one. As you open your box, you're greeted once again by the eyes of a Lucky Cat. This box is already wishing you luck.

Standing at 3 inches tall, each Android Lucky Cat figure comes with an accessory and one arm raised. As mentioned before, they are available in different colors, and tradition says the color you choose will bring you luck for a specific aspect in your life. I chose a blue and a pink cat, which are fairly modern colors, so I'm sure these aren't traditional, and they just made up their fortunes.

Nevertheless, blue is said to represent luck in your career, and pink represents luck in relationships. I do love how bright and cheerful these shades of colors are in this line. Each figure is also paired with a secondary color that they use for the collar, paws, outline of their belly, and dots placed on their arms and back.

So my Blue Cat is paired with sunny yellow, and my Pink Cat is paired with red. I have to say that I like the Blue Cat more because the colors are more consistent. Yellow is used for their antennas and around their eyes, whereas the Pink Cat switches from black and white. They're minor details, I know.

The Blue Lucky Cat comes with a little notebook and its left arm raised. The little black notebook, representing the hard work the cat puts into their job, comes wrapped in plastic at the side of your figure. From the advertised photo, the notebook is supposed to be placed under the right arm of the cat. So, to make the figure hold the notebook, you have to slide it up the right arm until the raised point met the arm. It's a pretty tight squeeze, and I was afraid I would either scratch the body or break the arm if I was careless. That's my only real negative. 

The Pink Lucky Cat comes with a collar bell and its left arm raised as well. It also has a small pink heart on its belly which reminded me of a Care Bear. It is supposed to represent love, so the reference might be intentional.

The collar bell is real so it jingles just like a cat bell. I'm a little disappointed that the bell is the only accessory the Pink cat comes with. I'm sure they could have thought of something to shove up their arm too.

Maybe a love letter, box of chocolate, or a tiny copy of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.  For each figure, the arm that is raised swings up and down when moved or touched. It's a nice feature that makes this more cat-like, and something you can play with when you're very bored. Also, just like the box it came in, on its back is the kanji for good fortune. 

Overall, in Android form, I think the Lucky Cat comes out looking really good. Now to wait and see if they will bestow upon me lots of luck! Until then, I will enjoy looking at them as they stand on my dresser. 

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