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A Miraculous Cutie

YuruYuri was easily one of my favorite shows from 2011 and 2012. It brought lots of laughs and cute girls. Every episode was amusing and generally light hearted. It was occasionally odd, and a little creepy too. The subject matter of the show involved some light shoujou ai themes sometimes, so I guess it is to be expected. If this interest you then you may like to know YuruYuri is streaming over at Crunchyroll.

I was very pleased when I heard that Alter was making this figurine of Majyokko Miracle-n. She is a fictional magical girl from YuruYuri. It just so happens that this magical girl, when transformed, looks a lot like one of the main girls from the series Chiinatsu. Her eye color, hair, and even hair accessories match exactly, so to me this character is Chiinatsu dressing up as Majyokko Miracle-n.

Hit the jump to see my detailed review of this lovely figure by Alter.

Figure Name: 1/7 Majyokko Miracle-n
Figure Marker: Alter
Retail: ¥8,800
Available at: HobbyLink Japan

First and foremost I would like to send out a big thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing me this wonderful sample to review. I had been waiting with great anticipation for Miracle-n to show up. Also, as good luck would have it, my brand new Tamron 60mm F2 macro lens showed up within the same hour as my HLJ sample, so I had twice as much fun as usual while photographing this figurine. 

Here is my haul from HobbyLink Japan all boxed up still. The larger of the two boxes got a little beat up during shipping but thanks to a good job packaging, everything came fully intact.

Much like Miracle-n herself, this box just beams out cheerfulness. It's design echoes the same patterns that are used in her figurine. The stars and fluffy cotton candy-like clouds are a perfect accompaniment for a collectible like this that has high levels of adorableness.

If you are one to not unbox your figurines you should look seriously at this figure, because not only does the front window show off Miracle-n very well, it also looks great from all sides.

Here is Miracle-n still wrapped snugly in her packaging. I was surprised at how large her spinning wand special effects part is. I had seen it in photos before, but the piece is nearly 10 cm in diameter, and looks very cool in person. Also, as you can see pictured above, the little crystals on the rods can reflect different colors. The crystal is made from a super reflective clear plastic.

Included in the package is not one, but two of these special magical girl batons. I much prefer Miracle-n with the spinning baton, which leaves a perfectly awesome 1/8th scale wand to use with my other figurines! 

Here is my Ranka Lee being taught by none other than Sakura-chan how to use her baton! It's going to be fun to think about whom else can use this baton, however, Ranka seemed like a natural.

Here we have Miracle-n's base. It has a design much like her box. I like the creamy white color, and how it swirls up into a wispy ending where Miracle-n would stand. She fits extremely tightly into the pegs on her base. I had to play with the angle for about three minutes before I got it right. There is only one way she goes on, but she feels super stable, and she better feel that way, because not only does she have a crazy pose, but there is a lot of stuff going on at the top of her figure. Despite that, I can tell you her leg that connects to the base is very heavy by itself. I would guess it has a metal support in it.

Here is Miracle-n in all of her dazzling cuteness.  There is a lot of action going on here from the twirl of her baton, to the swirl of her skirt. I kind of imagine she is leaping off a cloud here, and even if it does not make perfect sense, magical girls are all about being fun and fantastical, right? In that way, I think she exceeds and succeeds.

I like how the brighter colors, like the yellows, pop nicely against her pink and purple outfit. The yellow is also carefully balanced, so there are some at the stars near her feet, her baton, her hat, and the trailing star on her hat.

It's hard to fully appreciate her hat from the front, but from the back you can see that Miracle-n has this giant floppy witch hat. It reaches out pretty far on the sides, too, but nicely does not cover her face or pigtails up much at all. I like how it is a classic witch hat in design, complete with the star on the tip of it. The pink ribbon on her hat, much like the yellow star, is echoed on her baton, and her base as well, leading to a good balance in the design.

Here is her super cute face in all of it's brilliance. Those eyes are so sharp and spot on and rounded in that classic YuruYuri style.

If you look closely at her hand you can see that all of her fingernails are polished pink. It really makes her fingers pop and stand out. Of course, it would also make any painting errors stand out more. I've probably said this five hundred times since I have begun writing about figurines, but I love how Alter captures all the details well, and has such a high standard of quality control.

I have always been a fan of detached sleeves, so do notice how well they are done here. In particular, I like how they are tight around her upper arm, but then wrinkle as they widen out. The effect is really natural, almost to the point that I didn't notice.

These pigtails really do look like they could eat something don't they? While viewed up close they look a little too blocky without enough natural flow to them, but from further away the design of the individual clumps makes for a nice effect.

Here you can appreciate the size of her magical baton.  She holds it to her side and slightly behind her, so it might seem a little smaller than it is until you really look at it.

Alter did a fantastic job painting the fingernails here pink. You have to turn Miracle-n's figurine around to many different angles to see all the pink fingernails, but every nail is painted.

Her outfit is fairly tight fitting until it flares out at the waist where all sorts of action is going on. The way the skirt shows a lot of skin here originally made me hesitate on buying Miracle-n though, because I was afraid of her flashing all the guests who visited to see my collection. Sure, I could put her on a low shelf, but I would hate to do such an injustice to a beautiful Alter figure.

There are tiny tiny flecks of purple paint here flecked onto the white surface of her coat. This is really minor though and I think I am only seeing them because I am looking at this figure with a macro lens. I can not see the flecks with my own eyes.

It's neat to see the action in her pose with her legs going different ways. Amazingly from most lower angles it is impossible to get a panty shot. I would not have expected this.

In a off angle from behind it is possible to get a glimpse up here, but the fact it is challenging to take a photo of this is re-assuring. People who may have passed on her because of her potential showiness have little to worry about.

Here is the where her foot connects to her base. I really like the little stars here, and the wispy, twirly part reminds me of vanilla ice cream. Mmm, soft serve.

Just this once Miracle-n has the honor of standing where Azusa would in my band. Why you might ask? It's because Azusa and she are voiced by Ayana Taketatsu. If may recall Azusa is significant to me because she was the Alter figure that started my collection.

One of Miracle-n's most charming points is her energetic smile, and in my collection I consider no other girl to have a more charming smile than Alter's Yui Hirasawa. Amusingly, both Yui and Miracle-n have about the same style of smile, but to me Yui's is more brilliant and beaming because it shows more in her eyes. It could just be my perception, but I think that Miracle-n's large cheeks and eyes make her look a little bit more innocent, but a little less beaming, really though it just comes down to taste.

As much fun as it was to pose her with my band she can not replace Azusa in my collection. For now I have moved her to be with the younger girls in my collection. She is much larger than these girls, but her color scheme blends in perfectly.

So in the end is she worth buying? Yes, if you like either magical girls, witches, or YuruYuri or just cute big-eyed girls. Also, any money spent on an Alter figure is money well spent, because they are built with such a high level of quality that shines through every figure. Alter has an, "it'll be done when it is done approach", and I appreciate this attitude in a world filled with deadlines. Every Alter figurine is a work of art, and they are a joy to look at and hold in your hand. I can't recommend Alter's Majyokko Miracle-n enough.

[A huge thank you to HobbyLink Japan for providing us with this review sample!]

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