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Infinite Stratos

Tomopop Review: Alter's Laura Bodewig

4:00 PM on 07.14.2013 // Jon Wills

Laura is cool and cute

We have all looked at figurines before and judged them at a glance without giving them a second thought. That's exactly what I did the first time I saw magazine scans of Alter's Laura Bodewig. Despite being from the hot harem, action packed robot battling fusion series Infinite Stratos, Laura just seemed so bland and uninteresting to me. I could not see the subtle cuteness that lurked behind her serious face and eye-patch.

Thanks to HobbyLink Japan generously sending me a sample of Alter's Laura Bodewig I was able to give Laura a second chance to show me just how cool and cute she is. Let me assure you that she does not disappoint.

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Figure Name: 1/8 Laura Bodewig Maid Ver.
Figure Maker: Alter
Retail: ¥9800
Available at: HobbyLink Japan

Laura Bodewig has one of the more tragic stories of the ladies from Infinite Stratos. I won't spoil it, but I think that if you have watched the series you would appreciate Alter's Laura's expressions more and understand her more as a character. Besides that, Infinite Stratos is a pretty decent show in its own right, so it is worth watching. It sold well enough that season two will be aired this fall.

Enough talk, let's get back to Laura.

Laura's box is well decorated featuring art of all of her major accessories, and ways you can display her. These pictures may give you the basic idea of how she can be equipped, however they all feature the same pose and angle, which is what lead to my initial disinterest in her figure. So despite the box's Infinite Stratos sky blue color schemes, and the purple color trim that usually goes with Laura, I would have liked to see her box be a little more interesting.

So here is Laura in her packaging. She comes with some pretty cool stuff, including a complete tea set with a shiny silver platter, a tea kettle, and a cup. She also comes with an eye patch, a pistol, and hand to hold it in. The coolest thing of all that she comes with is an alternate head that has an interesting expression, and blush on her face, with some very cute pig tails dangling from it.

Laura's base has a classy black look, and all of it really goes well with her French maid dress. After being spoiled by the flashy base of Alter's Majyokko Miracle-n I was expecting something a little bit more elaborate, however the base is compact and gets the job done.

Her shoes are a simple style, black with buckles. One thing that gives Laura's maid outfit a unique personality is the choice of the bronze colored stockings. The stockings are really reflective and pretty. The elegant bows at their tops add a major charm point. I easily find my gaze settling on it, and then noticing the fine detail work that Alter put into not only the outside of Laura's dress, but also the inner lining of her dress has frills and a hem sculpted in to add that extra Alter touch.

I can never resist a cup of tea. There is no better beverage in the world to me. I also like my anime girls with twin tails, or pigtails. It is no surprise that my favorite way to display Laura is with her tea set and pigtails.

Laura's facial expression is pretty mysterious isn't it?  I like her blush but the rest of it is hard for me to read. Usually I think she looks like she is pouting a little, but sometimes I see a faint smile on her face. Either way her face is a complex one that brings to me different emotions depending on how I look at it, or if one of her eyes is covered by her eye patch or not. Her expression and body language is more complex than just in her eyes and face though. There was a lot of effort put into her body language and even the bangs of her hair which are subtly different depending on which head you display her with. 

There are few things cuter to me than a maid carrying me tea dressed in a French maid outfit.

This tea set is really great. I wish it came with a second cup but it looks realistic enough, complete with a shiny gloss finish to look like a real French tea set. I considered pouring tea into the cup for this photo, but decided that tea is better off being drunk and not wasted!

Laura's tea set is nice, but please be careful with it if you do order her. The silver platter is glued to the tips of three of her fingers, and is not attached very firmly.

Laura looks to be elegant and well covered, though when she turns to the side like this you see a little teaser of her leg. This is also a good angle to appreciate her dress from as well as get occasional side glances at her eyes from. Quite a cute touch isn't it?

The back of Laura's pigtails has an interesting zigzag pattern. Really there are more and more details to her that I notice every time I pick up Laura and spin her around.

One advantage of her shorter pigtail option hair is that you can clearly see the giant bow attached to the back of Laura's French maid outfit. This cute bow should not be missed.

As cute as her pigtails are, Laura's longer hair option is really elegant and looks great, if not nicer than her pigtails do with her other accessories.

From the side you can see all the work that Alter put into this hair sculpt. Alter cleverly hid the seam in both of this figure's heads using her French maid headbands.

As Elegant as Laura looks from the side, from the front you can see that her expression is more aggressive than elegant. At least with the hair movement on the back and the expression gives you the impression she is letting out an outburst or making some kind of crazy declaration.

As much as I love Laura's tea set, her gun is also pretty neat in its own way for different reasons. Laura is not only dressed like a French maid so she can serve you tea, but she is armed to defend your collection too!

Laura pulls this off in style and with elegance in her lovely maid outfit. You can now admire her dress a little easier without the silver platter of her tea set in the way. I find it easier to get photos of Laura's face and eyes without the platter there too.

Her pistol is also a very detailed display piece. Let's take a look at it shall we?

Her pistol is very detailed. If you look closely at the hand grip you can see how it is textured to be easier to grip. The ammo clip can also be pulled out of the pistol to reveal a single gold colored bullet on one end. You can also pull the main body of the gun some to move the barrel. I'm not too familiar with firearms so I'm not sure what the point of this is, but it looks good.

Laura's gun looks a little out of place on her pigtails outfit, but it is amusing to see a super soldier like herself acting shy and awkward around a gun.

It is easier for me to visualize an upset Laura carrying a tea-set than a shy Laura with a gun. I appreciate having the option. It's not every day that we see a static figure that has this many swappable parts.

If you have made it this far then congratulations because you have beaten the last boss! As a reward here is a peek up a hard to obtain angle. Pretty isn't it? You have to look closely but you can see that Alter went the extra mile by giving Laura shimapan. Very few collectors will ever really look here, but it is amusing to know that Alter put in the effort to add a detail like this to such a fully clothed figure. Well, that's Alter for you right? They have to do crazy detail things like this to maintain their reputation.

So the big question is - Is Alter's Laura Bodewig worth her list price of ¥9800? Yes, I do believe so. First off it is rare that we see a figurine of an anime character with something other than a beaming, happy expression on their face. This alone makes her more appealing. Also, have you ever seen a more detailed or interesting, traditional French maid girl? I don't believe I have.  In conclusion I think that fans of Infinite Stratos must get Alter's Laura Bodewig. Also, fans of cute and interesting French maid outfits or maids should definitely give her a look.

Thank you again for your time for sticking with me to the end of this review. I hope you found it entertaining, and once more, I would like to send out a big thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing this sample for me to review.

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Jon Wills, Associate Editor
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