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Tomopop After Dark: Puchi Chara-land's Haruna of To Love-Ru

9:00 PM on 07.09.2009 // DickMcVengeance

While at Anime Expo, Tim and I pressured our photographer, Ace0fClub5, into buying something from the Expo. So, when we went over to Kinokuniya, he bought this Puchi Chara-Land figure of Haruna from To Love-Ru, one of those great harem series.

Not only did Ace take plenty of photos of Haruna once he unboxed her, but we took a little trip out with her. We went for a little bit of dancing and dinner. Well, I'll just let you follow me after the jump and we can talk a little bit more about Haruna, and how to be a good girl. Be sure to check the gallery for alternate endings!

Oh my lord! Haruna, where is your body? Your head is just kind of...floating there.

Oh, there it is! It's too bad that your body provides absolutely no support for the head, and if it weren't for the base stand that plugs right into the back of your skull, you'd spend your days laying on the floor, like a hooker in desperate need for cash.

But don't worry, baby. You've got me and Ace as your sugar daddies. We've got you set for life. Now, dance for us.

Aw yeah, that's right. Dance for us. Dance real good. You know it's all thanks to us that you're not sittin' in some meth fiend's basement, trying to cook up something for the both of you, only to have all y'all raided by the cops or end up blowing yourself up because of some half-assed attempt and something goes wrong.

Remember that.

Hey! What the fuck do you think you're doing? Going and shakin' your ass for another man. No I do not care what he was going to pay you! Remember: You. Are. Mine. You know what? Fuck you. Fuck all this. I'm done with you.

You're gonna be a lesson to all those other girls who think they can screw with me.

For all of you reading, now you know what happens when you cross me.

You can guess what happens next.

Or not. I hope you all have enjoyed this cautionary tale.

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