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Tomopop About Town: When Hell Freezes Over at myplasticheart

6:00 PM on 01.09.2010 // Tomopop Staff

It's no secret that I love Cranston Fellows Jr. The Hellfire Edition was my first big toy purchase, and ever since I've been head over heels for this devilish fellow. You can imagine my excitement when I found out that myplasticheart was having an entire custom show dedicated to him featuring some of my favorite artists. A Dok A Cranston? It was like my wildest dream come true! Many other fantastic customizers had pieces on display, so I knew it would be a show to remember.

The show definitely lived up to my expectations--I even got to pick up one of the customs! Hit the jump to check out some of my favorite pieces and hear about all the shenanigans. 

There were 15 custom Cranstons in the show, and even the window was decked out with beautiful pieces! NEMO, Chauckoskis, and Jeremiah Ketner had Cranstons waiting to greet everyone. I love how the Ketner was facing outwards, as if he was greeting all the people coming to see the show. At the beginning NEMO's Cranston was also facing outward, but over the course of the evening things got shifted around. Seriously, it was like fight club in there! No, really. The lovely Stephen Donaldson accidentally whacked Erika from I Heart Cool Stuff in the head, and some random guy opened the door on my side. Good times!


As you can see, Lou Pimentel (the creator of Cranston) was pretty excited about the show, so much so that he felt the need to wave his hands around in front of our camera. I have to say, shows at myplasticheart are always more enjoyable than those in big galleries. They are almost like some huge family gathering. Most people know each other, and the vibe is very relaxed.  Munnyworld, on the other hand, was almost tense--the artists were not really talking to the people who came to see the show. The Cranston show was the exact opposite, and I got sketches from quite a few people--some of whom, like Abe Lincoln Jr., weren't even in the show but just came to look. The Cranston in the picture, by the way, is Jason Limon's Hover, one of my favorite pieces from the show. I almost bought it, and then another piece caught my eye...but more on that in a bit!

Let's get to the Cranstons! First up is Brent Nolasco's ridiculously awesome piece that features both Cranston and Gordo. The wings are sculpted by hand, and look absolutely stunning. This was one of the best pieces in the show, hands down. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into making it, and it was understandably one of the first pieces to sell at the show. The vivid green is such a nice touch, but then again Brent always has an amazing color palette, and manages to be both bright and creepy without crossing over into over-the-top-garish-paint land.


The next piece is Leecifer's Hellcat Cranston, and it is the one I bought! I love everything about this guy, from the mouse on his tongue to his oddly shimmering eyes. The pictures do not quite do the eyes justice--in person they shimmer like an actual cat's would. Once again, a lot of work went into this piece. Several different parts of the Hellcat are sculpted, and the paint job is magnificent. The artists really went all out for the show. I don't get to bring this guy home until the 30th, but expect a Show & Tell about him when he is finally added to my collection!


The Julie West piece was as lovely as I expected it to be, and was I think the first piece to get the little red dot of doom (the pin they put by the piece to mark it as sold)--although Jeremiah Ketner's sold at almost the same exact time. Although I have to say, something about the brown she chose for the wings looks a bit off to me. That said, it was still a beautiful piece, and whoever bought it is very lucky! The lips are my favorite part--Julie West's work is just so polished and crisp, which is really apparent in the small details like this.


The Doktor A custom was probably the gem of the show. It was the piece that everyone wanted to see the most, and even though it was the most expensive it sold in a heartbeat. Dok A definitely lived up to the expectations--this piece is jaw-dropping. The detail is just astounding. All the little rivets and gears, the tiny explorer inside...everything was flawless and whimsical. I envy the person who gets to add this to their collection!

Chauskoskis's Cranston displayed what was perhaps the craziest modification there. His long limbs are just ridiculous! I spent half the night wondering how this thing balances--I was a bit worried about him tipping over when everyone was gathered around them, but this little dude is tough! He balances perfectly, although I certainly hope his eventual buyer remembers to use museum putty when they display him!

This is Ketner's Cranston from the back. The paint on this piece was, in my opinion, the most beautifully done of all the work there. Although it does not employ Ketner's usual vivid spectrum of blues and purples, the subdued tones worked very well together. The flower and swirls that cover the back are just lovely to look at. I hope to one day own one of his customs! 

All in all, When Hell Freezes Over was an awesome night, and one I won't be forgetting any time soon. I want to thank all of the artists who took the time to craft these pieces, and of course Lou himself for making such an awesome piece. And let's not forget Vince, the owner, who put together this fabulous show! Check out the gallery for a ton more pictures, including the customs I didn't get to talk about and a few more views of my favorite pieces. 



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