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Tomopop About Town: Toy Karma 3 (Part 2)

7:00 PM on 09.13.2011 // Brian Szabelski

Earlier today, we posted Part 1 of our Toy Karma 3 coverage, and sure enough, here's Part 2! Some of the stuff in the second gallery is a little more, I guess you could say, "risque" than the first gallery stuff. Okay, Buff Monster's piece was a boob slime monster, but it's all artistic, trust me.

Paul Kaiju's work seemed to be ultra popular at the event, not only getting a lot of attention, but selling out quickly among attendees. But my favorites in this second batch are two of the illustrations that were part of the show: TOVI's Princess Gamera and Konatsu's Kaiju Kyubi. They're both still available, too, which tells me I should go hide my credit cards right this very minute. 

The second set of photos also features custom pieces from Yutari, Elegab, Amapro, Ilu Ilu, Itokin Park, Daniel Goffin, Sunguts, Splurrt, Leecifer, Bwana Spoons, Grumble Toy, Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez, Plaseebo, Monster Worship and Uh-Oh Toys. It's also got paintings from Jeff Lamm, Rod Filbrandt, Steve Seeley and Josh Ellingson. And, of course, the exclusives for the show (shown in the header) were there, too.

Check out the gallery for all the pictures and be sure to stop by and see them for yourself if you can!

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Brian Szabelski, Editor-in-Chief
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