Tomopop About Town: The Wrong 'Uns at Rotofugi

Nov 15 // Brian Szabelski    @brianszabelski

Most Tomopop readers know I'm not adverse to traveling for a show opening. But 540 miles round-trip? Was I really that crazy?

Well, maybe in most cases not so, but when the show is at Rotofugi in Chicago and features the art of TADO, sometimes you have to throw sanity out the window and just go. After surviving Indiana and getting stuck in Chicago's rush hour at 3:30 in the afternoon, I arrived at Rotofugi for the opening of The Wrong 'Uns, Mike and Katie's second exhibit at Rotofugi and their first since 2006 at the old tiny Rotofugi store. 

Hit the jump and let's go inside to see what treasures await!

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