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Tomopop About Town: My Little Pony Project 2012 - Part 2

9:00 AM on 05.09.2012 // Natalie Kipper

Previously, we gave you a tour around Toy Art Galley on the opening night for its new gallery show, My Little Pony Project, and showcased 6 of the 25 artists participating in the event. So, what about the other 19? Well, hold your horses, err, ponies. We have the remainder of the toys here for your viewing pleasure. 

Hit the jump to check out the incredibly epic toys from the show! 

Seeing as how we covered the actual gallery in the first feature, let's dive right in to the custom ponies, shall we?

6%DOKIDOKI's Colorful Rebellion-chan

This colorful little filly is the aptly named "Coloful Rebellion-chan" by 6%dokidoki. Her mane and tail were a rainbow of colors. The combination of her accessories (tutu, bling, and what appeared to be pony-sized leg warmers) and her candy-coated color palette were very lively and youthful. She had a sort of carefree feel to her that I really liked.

Luke Chueh's Safety Word: Pony

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Luke Chueh's "Safety Word: Pony." I will admit that this is one use of a My Little Pony figure that I wouldn't in my wildest dreams have thought of. The branding where the cutie mark should be actually sticks out and is a slightly darker color than the rest of the poor pony's flesh. And I am relatively sure that is supposed to be blood on the hooves. Yikes.

Cope2's Bronx Babe

This is COPE2's "Bronx Babe." They did a really good job of making the paint job look like tagging. Also, I noticed that, on the pony's hindquarters, you can make out a map (presumably of the Bronx). 

eimi's untitled

Here is Japanese artist, Eimi's untitled entry for the show. Those familiar with her work will recognize her familiar pink palette. I was a little surprised there wasn't more to her pony's design given Eimi's gift for details and textures. 

Mikie Graham's The Enemy Within

close-up of The Enemy Within

We previewed Mikie Graham's entry, "The Enemy Within," before and I can't get enough of this Trojan Horse look-alike. I can't tell what I love most about it: the real wood body, the wheels, or the playmobil soldiers inside. Actually, I think its the whole package that really speaks to me.

Hime+You's Starlight Rhythm

backside of Starlight Rhythm

Hime+You's "Starlight Rhythm" really does glisten like starlight. And with lovely ballet shoes and ruffles everywhere, you can easily imagine this pony as a dancer in Equestria. 

Martin Hsu's Rainbow Gallop

With ruffled hair that is reminiscent of clouds and legs covered a dazzling rainbow, Martin Hsu's "Rainbow Gallop" truly lived up to her name. I also noticed that the hearts on her cutie mark and forehead looked as though they were formed from clouds. 

Dabs + Myla's "Little Olie"

Dabs + Myla's "Little Olie" struck me as a unique way of using the My Little Pony figure as a palette. Instead making the figure about the pony itself, the center of the piece seems to the little yellow dude in coming out of the pony's eye. For some reason, looking at this one made my right eye twitch.

Madoka Kinoshita's Friendship is Magic

This pony is "Friendship is Magic" by Madoka Kinoshita. At first glance, I thought she was a tad busy-looking, but then I saw her gorgeous, peaceful eyes. And suddenly, almost magically, I began to pick out the lovely little flowers in the pleasant meadow the covered her form. I really was stunned by this piece. 

Kano's Pony UP!

What impressed me about KaNo's "Pony UP!" was that the hair was painted on the figure in lieu of of the plastic faux mane and tails the toys usually have. I also liked the earthy tones.

Jillian Kate's Niji

Jillian Kate's "Niji" sort of made me think of a zebra crossed with a unicorn. In hot pink platform shoes. 

Miss Kika's Cotton Candy Skydancer

Cotton Candy Skydancer's cutie mark

Miss Kika's "Cotton Candy Skydancer" truly lived up to her name. She was painted in candy-bright colors with a cutie mark that looked so sugary sweet I thought I was going to get cavities. I just love her sparkly eyes! It is just enough sparkle to be noticed but not so much to overpower the color or design.

miso's Ghost Pony

Ghost Pony's leg detail

A few display's down from Miss Kika's tribute to all things happy and innocent, was miso's "My Little Ghost Pony." The Noh mask-looking painting on its face and chest genuinely gave me the chills. The spookiness continues when you notice the little pony spirits and ghostly faces on its front and hind legs. Brr ...

Mark Mothersbaugh's Heads

Mark Mothersbaugh's Tails

Technically, Mark Mothersbaugh had two entries in the My Little Pony Project, "Heads" and "Tails." I'll leave you to decide which is which (hint: "Heads" is on top). While rather clever, they weren't very much to look at.

Onch Movement's Double Twist

Onch Movement's "Double Twist" looked like a My Little Pony that had come from the future ... to sell you pretzels.

Sket One's Sketer's MLP

Words cannot describe how depressed I got after viewing Sket One's "Sketer's MLP." It kind of made me a little ill. I had to go back to "Cotton Candy Skydancer" to cheer myself back up.

Chikuwaemil's Precious

"Precious" by Chikuwaemil is simply that. I loved the teased pink mane and tail and the rainbow stripes on her front legs (they make me think of Rainbow Brite for some reason). Happy clouds and bubbles of color round out a truly awesome package.

Angry Woebots' Second Trick Pony

Much like Mikie Graham's entry, Angry Woebots' "Second Trick Pony" seems to harken back to Spartan wartime. This figure looked as though it was covered in a sandy substance. Perhaps to make it resemble a sandstone sculpture? Whatever the reason, it was very impressive.

Shojono Tomo's Child Play

"Child Play" by Shojono Tomo was covered in plastic playthings. The crazy colors on the pony's body distracted me for a while from the fact that there was an actual drawing of girl on there as well. Truth be told, I didn't realize it until I was going over the photos on my computer. I am ashamed.

Julie West's Plumes

Even the eyes on Julie West's "Plumes" looked like the feathers of a peacock or other large feather fowl. The pattern on the pony's body vaguely reminds of those fabric prints you'd see in antique stores for pillows and things from India.


That raps up the ponies from Toy Art Gallery but don't step away from your monitor just yet. JapanLA, Munky King, and JoyRich all had a pony of their own. Ready? Here we go!


Spank! My Little Pony

Spank!'s pony took up residence at JapanLA. As far as I could tell she didn't have a name, but she was pretty all the same. I would have named her something like "Bubblegum Pop Star" or something to do with the color of her hair and her fashionable attire.

Indie 184

Like Spank!'s pony, Indie184's custom toy didn't display a name. So I dub her, "Dayglow Sunset," after her color scheme and the the way it gets darker as gets to the lower part of the toy.

Malcom Stuart's La Ponique Magnifique

Finally we get to JoyRich's pony, "La Ponique Magnifique" by Malcom Stuart. She looks like she has tattoos all over her body (which, frankly is fitting for Melrose). Her tails was braided and beaded, which was something I hadn't seen on any of the other ponies. 


Thus ends my coverage of the opening night of the My Little Pony Project in Los Angeles. The show is running until may 26th so I urge everyone in the Los Angeles area to head over there and see these custom figures in person. Photos do not do them justice. All the info can be found here

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