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This last Saturday marked the opening of the My Little Pony Project 2012, an art exhibit of custom My Little Pony figures that took up four stores on Los Angeles's Melrose Avenue. Twenty-five big name artists made one-of-a-kind toys in honor of the 25th anniversary of the toy franchise. Toy Art Gallery was were the bulk of the event took place but JapanLA, Munky King, and JoyRich also had giveaways and ponies on display. 

Hit the jump to check out photos of the event and the ponies on display!

the line before 7 pm

Attending the My Little Pony Project really made me realize how lucky I am to be a member of the press. If you were an average fan, this is were you were headed if you wanted to get into Toy Art Gallery. Press, VIPs, and artists were able to get in early to mingle, take pictures and, you know, not wait in a long line on Melrose. This photo was taken just as the event was getting started and the line only got longer as the night progressed. 


cutie mark cakes

equestria photo booth

Once you did make it inside, it was all ponies, all the time. Well, that and a bar in the rear of the gallery. Other gallery-goer goodies included free mini cakes with the Mane Six's cutie marks on top and a photo booth, where fans could hold up a giant cardboard frame that read "Greetings from Equestria."

walls of MLP merch

the official event tee

and suddenly, a Sailor Moon reference!

Oh, and the merchandise! So much amazing stuff from the Mighty Fine team was available for purchase over at Toy Art Gallery. The walls and islands were packed with all sorts of shirts, hoodies, bags, and iPhone cases. The official event tee was a big hit. The front side had the My Little Pony Project Logo while the back resembled a band tour shirt, with all of the participating stores' and sponsors' logos lined up along with the dates and location of the exhibit. I had to take a picture of the Sailor Pinkie Moon shirt because Sailor Moon references are always awesome.

vintage toy plaque

vintage ponies part one

vintage ponies part two

On two walls of the gallery were glass cases full of vintage, first generation My Little Pony toys. I thought they were a pretty neat addition to the exhibit. I found it curious that part of the press release had mentioned something along the lines of "25 ponies for 25 years," yet the placard in the vintage toy case said they had been around for nearly thirty. Were they just rounding up? 

Now, without further ado, onto the main event: the custom My Little Pony figures!

64 Colors' Lucky (face)

64 Colors' Lucky (tail end)

64 Colors' Lucky (hooves)

This pony, named "Lucky," is by 64Colors. It indeed had a mystical, almost voodoo, feel to it. I loved the expressions on all the little spirit-looking fellows painted on the pony's body, especially the one on its face. Notice: even the back hooves have characters painted on them.

Ana Bagayan's My Little Pony Baby Pony

Ana Bagayan's Baby Pony (side view)

Ana Bagayan's Baby Pony (tail end)

Ana Bagayan's "My Little Pony Baby Pony" had some of the cutest details, in my opinion. Her face has tiny freckles, adding to her youthful appearance. The skillful application of lace, pom-pons, and buttons give this toy the appearance that she is wearing clothes, rather than something painted on. 

J*RYU's Goodnight, Sweet Dreams ... XO

J*RYU's Goodnight, Sweet Dreams (ghost girl)

We had previewed J*RYU's "Goodnight, Sweet Dreams ... XO" before the opening of the show and I was anxious to see the ethereal beauty in person. I have to tell you, you have to see it it in person to fully appreciate this custom. The pony's body has a sort of glisten to it. The ghostly little girl appeared to be slightly translucent under the gallery lights. I may never look at carousels the same way ever again.

Junie Moon's Pony Couture

Junie Moon's Pony Couture (face)

Junie Moon's Pony Couture (hooves)

Winning my vote for "Best Use of Accessories" is Junie Moon's regal custom, "Pony Couture." Lace, pearls, and velvet decorated this pony's bow (topped with a crown!), faux fur capelet, and waistcoat. She looked so refined and elegant! 

TOUMA's Chaos Pony

TOUMA's Chaos Pony (body)

TOUMA's Chaos Pony (hooves)

TOUMA's "Chaos Pony" was dark, moody and full of twisty, spirally things. You can't really tell from the photos, but the dark purple spirals had a metallic sheen to them which contrasted nicely with the smooth black of the pony's body. I also like how you can see some of the rough carved edges of the spirals, giving it a more pronounced and, dare I say, chaotic, look.

Perez Hilton's Rambo

Perez Hilton may not be a famous artist but he is apparently famous enough to have garnered a spot (and a pony) at the My Little Pony Project. I don't really have much to say about this one.

project logo

This is but a taste of the awesomely artistic ponies at the event. What? You want more? Good! A second part of this feature will be coming up shortly with more ponies than you can shake a hoof at (I had to add a pony pun in here somewhere). 

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