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Tomopop About Town: Love Movement

3:00 PM on 12.21.2010 // Neranjan Venom

[Please welcome guest writer from Destructoid Neranjan Venom, who went to the Love Movement event in San Francisco and lived to tell the tale!]

Recently I had the honor of attending the Love Movement exhibition that took place in San Francisco. Taking place at the Superfrog Gallery at the awesome New People building, Love Movement was an event that succeeded in what it attempted to present. Recently married artists Shin Tanaka and Nao (Danke Schoen) conceived this vinyl and paper art show to deliver a message about love.

With the help of curator Jeremy Brautman, Shin and Nao were able to bring together an amazing group of American, Japanese and European artists. Those artists were given blank versions of toys designed by Shin and Nao and given freedom to express their love of the craft. Some great pieces were to be seen from the likes of Frank Kozik, Gary Ham, Julie West and many more, not to mention from Shin himself. My personal favorite was an amazing piece from Miami artists Colin and Sas Christian, this piece made me a bit homesick with its way of capturing the electro-deco feel of Miami. The spirit of love was in the air as children were running, having a blast with Shin and Nao.

Shin and Nao took the time out to chat with a young kid named SuperCooper, who came in carrying optimism of life, as well as a self-created zine about the scene. You could tell that everyone in attendance had to let the inner child out that night. I was taken back by the pure smile on the face of Seiji Horibuchi , President and CEO of VIZ Pictures. Art, music, fun, and good times was the spirit of the night, and for me that showed the feeling of love can exist in the world.

Hit the jump for a video from the event.

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Neranjan Venom,
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