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Tomopop About Town: Kidrobot Miami's Gold Life Dunny signing

3:00 PM on 09.08.2011 // Pedro Cortes

Miami is kind of a dead zone when it comes to nerdy adventures. Unlike New York, Los Angeles and other such sexy cities, this wet, glossy town usually gets passed over when it comes to anything that would interest Tomopop writer. However, every so often something neat happens down here that we can not only enjoy, but bring it to the Tomo-faithful. This is one of those few times, as the Miami Kidrobot store not only hosted a special release for the new Gold Life Dunny series, but had artist Huck Gee there for a signing.

Kristina and I couldn't pass up something like this, so we grabbed our stuff and drove through the crappy Miami traffic and weather to talk to some of the people at the store as well as Huck himself. Hit the jump to watch the video!



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