Tomopop About Town: Jesse Hernandez' Fuego Ozomahtli signing at myplasticheart

3:30 PM on 06.06.2010

On Friday night, Jesse Hernandez made a visit to myplasticheart to sign his new Fuego edition of his Ozomahtli figure by Bic Plastics. Similar to the Wondercon edition by being two tone and glow in the dark, this red version was limited to 50 pieces and was in high demand! People came long distances just to be able to pick one up and have the chance to meet Jesse.

Lots of sketching and chatting was to be had and one fan must have had a first; he had Jesse do a sketch on his iPad! Jesse wasn't too comfortable with the platform at first and his hand kept drawing along with the stylus causing stray lines, but he quickly got the hang of it and produced one awesome sketch!

Sadly, I was unable to pick one of these up as AmiAmi has stolen all of my money for the next few months, but I would have loved to get one as I have the green edition and it's truly a great piece. If you want to pick one of these up for yourself, myplasticheart still has them for sale on their website for $99.99. Be sure to check out the gallery to see some of Jesse's awesome sketching!

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