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Tomopop About Town: Gundam Big Expo

8:00 PM on 08.27.2009 // Eva Duenas

Even though Andres already posted about the new goodies that were presented at the Gundam Big Expo, I was actually there to live the experience. It's exciting to know that I was able to attend such a big event and bring back pictures to share with everyone (you can read more about the event over at Japanator).

The picture above was only part of the area where they had many gunpla's displayed. It was pretty much swimming through a sea of people and fighting to get in front to be able to take pictures of anything. It was quite exciting to not only be there for the announcement of the new Perfect Grade 00 Raiser, but also to be able to see the 1/35 scale Gundam Fix Figuration RX-78-2! I can tell you that seeing it in pictures is nothing compared to seeing it in person.

There are plenty of photos in the gallery so make sure to check them out. (I used up most of my battery for these pictures! I know you guys love me, right?) Many of them will look familiar to you, especially some of the figures because they were posted on Tomopop before! I want to know if there's anything that you saw that caught your attention.

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Eva Duenas,
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