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Tomopop About Town: Gordo release at myplasticheart

6:45 PM on 10.31.2009 // Tomopop Staff

On Halloween Eve, myplasticheart held a release party for Brent Nolasco's Gordo figure. This is the Blue Orchid edition, and is entirely hand painted by the artist. Gordo is a resin cast approximately 5" in height, and is simply breathtaking in person. The detail work on this figure is fantastic, and you can really see the care the artist put into each and every one of them. However, there are only 37 made of this edition, so act fast if you want one!

Brent Nolasco was there all night, signing, sketching and chatting with the customers. In the spirit of Halloween, there were lots of freebies. Candy and Gordo pins were free for the taking, and anyone who went in costume got a free ghostly blind box--Ghost Land, BoOoyah Ghosts, and Mini Doppelgangers were available. 

 Hit the jump to see pictures from the event.

The window display at myplasticheart was decked out for Halloween. Gordo looked particularly nice next to the pumpkins. His box was on display, and as you can see it is covered in artwork by Brent Nolasco. Several of his paintings were on display as well, but no word yet on whether or not they will go up for sale. 


Gordo with his pumpkin pals! The purple and orange look fantastic together--perhaps he would look nice displayed next to a Melissa Seraphy figure? The box art is highly detailed, and this is one of the few figures that I would actually like to keep with the box when I put him out. 

Myplasticheart was packed even before the release--everyone seemed anxious to get their hands on this little guy. Gordo was not available for purchase until 7PM, but there was already a crowd at 6PM. Only a few people came in costume, though, and most of them were female. Then again, few girls will turn down an excuse to wear cat ears. 


Gordo had a few creepy crawly friends to keep him company! One of the spiders on the wall over another setup kept falling down on top of him--maybe he was getting a bit hungry? This was the second Gordo painting on display. Brent Nolasco's artwork is fantastic, and I would love to have this piece in my collection. Here's hoping it gets put on sale! The Gordos on display in the shop were secured with museum putty, and if you end up getting one I highly recommend doing the same. Gordo is a very delicate piece, and could easily break if he fell down. This is actually true of most resin figures, as it is a far more fragile material than PVC or vinyl.  

I showed up in costume (fox ears and tail), so I got to pick a blind box. Hooray for free stuff! I did not have any Ghost Land figures yet, and I really like Super7's work, so I picked out one of those. The boxes are made of metal, which is a rather unique idea--almost all other blind boxes are cardboard.  


Brent was sketching throughout the evening. The sketches came out looking fantastic--he put a lot of time into each one, and they look more like little pieces of art than brief sketches. Each one took about half an hour to 45 minutes to complete. Brent was very nice, and chatted with everyone while he was working.

My sketch from Brent. The shading is particularly nice. 

I unboxed my Gordo back at home. I really like the one that I got--he has slightly more spots on his ears than some of the others, and this is one of my favorite parts of his design.

Gordo's story, from the back of his box:

Just off of Main Street, in every town, lives a foraging monster, named Gordo. You can find him standing over a box of leftovers, fishing out that last crumb, and licking the containers dry. His will to eat overcomes his need to stop, always chasing the next tasty snack. Backyards and garbage cans are his buffet. After a long day of gorging, he falls into a food coma, only to awake hungry and repeat the cycle. His stomach is a bottomless pit. Who knows what he will eat next.

This was a great event, and yet another fantastic release by myplasticheart and mphlabs. There are several figures left, so if you would like to get one, they will be available at myplasticheart for $75 on November 2nd at 1PM. I highly recommend picking up this figure if you can--the painting is simply amazing, and each one is truly one of a kind.

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Tomopop Staff,
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