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Tomopop About Town: D23 Expo in Anaheim

3:00 PM on 08.26.2011 // Rio McCarthy

It's a well known fact that I'm a nut for all things Disney, so when I got to have my vacation with my Mom this year scheduled around going to Anaheim, Calif., for the D23 Expo, I was ecstatic! It's a convention for all fans of Disney and was sure to be an exciting place to be. Well, apparently a lot of other people thought so as well, as it was packed!

Being that this was just a vacation, I didn't bring my good camera. Bear with me as we take a journey through phone and travel camera pictures. I promise I won't be as crazy of a guide as Mr. Toad, so let's hit the jump and experience the Disney magic!

D23 Expo

Although it's only the second convention, this was Marvel's first time being included. There wasn't too much running around the show floor for them though, sadly, but I did find the Morpheus Prototypes booth which had an awesome maquette of Wolverine.

D23 Expo

There were also several Disney maquettes strung out around the show floor. One of my favorites had the Winnie the Pooh maquettes in their case. There's just something about that lovable little Pooh Bear that warms my heart.

D23 Expo

Although they may not actually be toys, there were a lot of very interesting miniatures in the Parks & Resorts Pavilion. They had several models showing off what new things will be coming to the parks. These may not be entertaining to everyone, but as someone who likes to create I find it extremely interesting to see these small sized-down models of what's to come.

D23 Expo

Mattel and Fisher Price were ready to make some kids and collector's day with their booth all set up. There were several toy exclusives for the event strung out all over the place, but here you could find both Woody's Roundup Toy Story 2-style toys, as well as an exclusive Finn McMissile from Cars 2 in submarine mode.

D23 Expo

They also had a huge display of cars available for you to take a peek at and see how your collection is doing. However, you weren't just able to look. They had an area set up where kids could come by and play with the cars before you bought them, just ... not the ones in the case of course!

D23 Expo

Right outside their area was an amazing Lightning McQueen made out of LEGO bricks! I wish I had hundreds of photos just to show you how well detailed this piece was. I can't even fathom making something that cool out of these myself, but someone can do it!

D23 Expo

Another great company I was glad to see represented was Mindstyle! They were sharing information on the 100 Acre Wood, 100 Artists & Friends exhibition that's set to start this fall.

D23 Expo

Mindstyle was also holding a raffle where all you had to do was fill out a card and you could win a Stitch Vinyl Toy. Sadly I wasn't one of the lucky ones, either at the event or over Twitter, but there were several who were and they made both the Lilo/Stitch Vinyl and the Tron Stitch Vinyl their own.

D23 Expo

One of my favorite booths in the Collector's Forum was Noah Fine Art, which was an easy choice since Noah is one of my favorite artists right now. He was the official artist of the convention, and rightfully so. His "Remember ... It All Started With A Mouse" painting brought a tear to my eye, and was easily one of my favorite pieces I saw during the show.

D23 Expo

In the gallery you might have seen several images for limited edition D23 Expo exclusive items. Well, keep your eyes focused on Tomopop because yours truly has the goods! I'll be reviewing several con exclusive toys I bought, including the D23 Exclusive Silver Edition Cinderella doll that was limited to only 250 pieces. You've only gotten a sneak peek at my super fun vacation; be sure to check back to learn more on the toys that found a new home!

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