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Tomopop About Town: Bic Buddy Custom Show

3:00 PM on 04.13.2010 // Tomopop Staff

On Friday, I had the pleasure of taking the subway down to Brooklyn to check out the Bic Buddy Custom show at Zakka. The show featured many of my favorite artists and I couldn't wait to get there to check them all out! After a 45 minute long subway ride, I got to my destination, and boy was I glad to be there as I was greeted by some awesome customs by some of my favorite artists such as Nemo, Lou Pimentel, Brent Nolasco, and Nakanari.

Hit the jump to see which customs really stuck out for me!

As soon as I entered, I was greeted by this Jesse Hernandez piece. The bold colors and fierce looking face really made this custom pop and really showed Jesse's unique style.

While browsing the pieces, Nemo of Elite Gudz came over to pose with his piece for me. His totem Bic Buddy was by far one of my favorites as it really did look like it was made out of wood, when it was not. The headphones and chain are some really nice modern touches to a classic silhouette of a totem and Nemo really did a great job as usual on this piece.

Nestled amongst the first set of customs on display was this piece by Lou Pimentel. Lou decided to make a Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls Bic Buddy and it really is breathtaking! The face is so incredibly spot on that at first glance you'd swear it's a sticker or template, but it was all in fact done freehand. This is yet another awesome job by Lou whose work just keeps becoming more and more lifelike.

Angry Woebots' custom was this cute little panda cub. I love the sculpted head, which is incredibly adorable, and the blood-splatter  on its chest. The face on this custom is just so great and fairly different than other Woebots pieces and I'm really glad to see him try new things and take risks on customs like this.

Nakanari is one of my favorite artists; his lines are always so clean, his colors pop like candy, and his designs are always incredibly cute, and his Bic Buddy is no exception. Nakanari's cave man Bic Buddy really used the original platform well without much sculpting like most other pieces used and it works incredibly well.

Marka, the creator of the Bic Buddy, had a great custom similar to a few of his production pieces, which included a speaker on its head. This Bic Buddy not only looks great, but he can be plugged into a computer and the speaker can be used for playing all of your favorite music! Music and art; they just go so well together!

Sket One's well known pig design showed up, but this time sporting some camo and a machine gun. The highly detailed accessories, the war paint, and all of the other minute details really made this one of the best pieces at the show and took an older design and made it different and unique in an incredibly successful way.


Last, and certainly not least, is Brent Nolasco's Bic Buddy... if you could even call it that! This figure was about 14" tall, which is much larger than the 8" Bic Buddy standard size and really doesn't even look much like the platform that it was created from. Brent's sculpting work really transformed the original platform into something completely unique, yet natural looking, and his vibrant palate of colors ties everything together incredibly nicely.

Overall, the Bic Buddy Custom show was a great experience. My only complaint would be that a few of the pieces that had sold at the California show did not show up at the New York show to be on display and I would have liked to have seen them, but there were plenty of other customs on display, so it made up for their absence. Be sure to check out the gallery for even more custom goodness!

Also, be sure to check out the video as well from artist OsirisOrion embedded below!

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Tomopop Staff,
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