Tomocast episode 17: Pedro gotza Woody

Jan 17 // Jason Millward

Finally, after all sorts of computer melt-downs on my end we are proud to present to you Tomocast 17: The Revenge of Pino! Our new community manager Kris Pino has been the podcasting world's dirty little secret for months, and now we are finally unleashing her fury all over your mp3-playing device! Joining the "big hate in a tiny package" are series heart-throb Pedro Cortes, the love of my life Rio McCarthy, and the love of my other life Jonathan Tubbs.

This ep, we rocked out the great questions that you guys asked us. We also went on a great many diversions. A few too many, to be honest. So keep an eye out for a separate release of all the bits and pieces that got edited out of this ep (mostly wrestling talk).

Hit the jump for pics and links of all the goodies that we talked about. As for the ep itself, you can download it right here. Enjoy!

Photo Gallery:   (you can use your arrow keys)

Character: Tsumugi Kotobuki
Series: K-On!
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Size: 1/7 scale
Price: 8,800 yen
Release: May
Series: Black Rock Shooter
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Size: 1/8 scale
Price: 9,800 yen
Release: June
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Size: 1/6 scale
Price: 21,000 yen
Release: early January (er, NOW)
Series: Sonic the Hedgehog
Manufacturer: First 4 Figures
Size: 14.5 inches
Price: $154.99
Release: 2nd Quarter

Character: Metal Sonic (Exclusive - 350 pieces)
Notes: Light up eyes, chest, back engine, and base.
Price: $174.99
Series: The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess
Manufacturer: First 4 Figures
Size: 1/4 scale
Price: $349.99
Release: 3rd Quarter
Jonathan got himself quite a beautiful score under the Christmas tree.
As mentioned in the Christmas episode, here is the famous scarf. Rio yanked the cable on it before it could affect her win/loss record.
Strength is pretty!
Millions of small creatures lurking everywhere (aka Kinnikuman).
That Rubik sure is one amazing cube! (Though, five bucks says he pulls off the stickers and puts them in the right places when he needs to make himself look presentable.)


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