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Tomocast 48: Pre-SDCC Madness

10:00 AM on 07.08.2014 // Pedro Cortes

It's raining exclusives

At the time of this post, it's only 15 days until San Diego Comic Con. With time ticking down, you know that there'd be a ton of exclusive announcements and let me tell you, companies have definitely unleashed the floodgates. Everything from Power Rangers to Funko POPs to Transformers and more Funko POPs keep getting announced day by day. Did I mention that Funko has some new POPs that'll be exclusive at the show?

Anyway, I'm joined by Andres Cerrato and (a returning!) Rio McCarthy to talk about all those exclusives, as well as a couple other news stories that snuck in between the cracks. As usual, you can download the episode here, follow us on iTunes or hit the jump to get the show notes and stream it all. Enjoy!

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