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Tomocast 22: Happy Meal Toys

3:00 PM on 04.11.2011 // Pedro Cortes

Welcome back to Tomocast, the pod that gives you all the toy talk that's legal in your neck of the woods.

This time around I'm joined by managing editor Jonathan Tubbs, community manager Kristina Pino and associate editor Rio McCarthy to talk about Happy Meal toys. Now, the term "Happy Meal" is exclusive to McD's and anything with a pair of golden arches, but we talk about any sort of toy that came from a fast food joint. A lot of nostalgia here, espeically with any of the video game tie-in. Hell, Rio did a couple of write-ups about some of her favorite ones from back in the day.

So go ahead and subscribe to us on iTunes. Be sure to look for the show that's produced by me, Pedro Cortes. If iTunes ain't yo thang, you can download it directly here or visit our Mevio page. Enjoy and hit the jump for show notes!

Pre-orders mentioned

Bakemonogatari's Tsubasa pleases Jonathan.


Rio isn't quite so pleased with June Groove's Sengoku Basara dolls.


Kristina deems these Half Age Naruto figures cute.


Pedro likes Wedding Boa quite a bit.


The Sonic toys that Rio and Kristina remember fondly. Still diggin' the look on Knuckle's face.




Here are some more articles that talk about other awesome/bizarre Happy Meal toys.

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