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Tomocast 20: Bootlegs

3:00 PM on 03.14.2011
Tomocast 20: Bootlegs photo

He ladies and gents, it's time for Tomocast!

This episode I'm joined by managing editor Jonathan Tubbs, associate editor Andres Cerrato and community member Stella Wong to talk about the bane of all toy collectors. That's right, we talk up bootlegs! You know you've faced one of these awful things if you've been on eBay, at a flea market or at an anime convention and without proper diligence you'll have your money whisked away into the hands of PVC pirate. Well, that's how I'd like to imagine it. Either way, you end up with less money and more crap on your shelf.

Also, for those that are asking, the episodes haven't been appearing on iTunes or Zune because of a change in hosting. Once I get everything back up on the new host I'll be sure to get Tomocast on those networks again. In the meanwhile, if you go over to the Tomocast Mevio page and scrolls to the middle of the page, you'll see a small box that says "Subscribe for free downloads". Click either iTunes or Zune and it should automatically subscribe you. Thank you for your patience.

Give it a download over here and follow through the jump for the show notes.

Tomocast 20: Bootlegs photo
Tomocast 20: Bootlegs photo
Tomocast 20: Bootlegs photo
Tomocast 20: Bootlegs photo
Tomocast 20: Bootlegs photo
Tomocast 20: Bootlegs photo

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