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Tomocast 19: Dolls!

12:00 PM on 02.23.2011 // Pedro Cortes

Hey everybody, it's time for your biweekly audio/toy fix. Here comes Tomocast!

This episode I'm joined by Colette Bennett, Jennifer Johnston and Brigitte Coovert to talk about the world of dolls. I'm not talking about Barbies here (thought they do get their nod). We go in-depth on ball-jointed dolls, Dollfies and more, as well as give new collectors some tips on how to handle their babies. We also talk about the "creepy" factor and how the collectors deal with people's misguided opinions.

Show notes and additional links are located after the jump. Go ahead and download the episode, visit our Mevio page and enjoy!


Dissidia Final Fantasy Play Arts Kai


Groove's March 2011 Isul


Volks USA Doll clothing


A+'s Kanu...eww...


Also, here are a bunch of links courtesy of Brigitte!

Groove Dolls in the US

Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest Cool Cat - Pullip/Blythe Eye Chips

Junky Spot - US Seller of Obitsu bodies MDoll Wigs both BJD and Fashion

Leeke World

Luts Cotin Doll

Doll Forums

Pullip Style - Groove only

Plastic Paradise - all dolls

We Play With Doll - primarily Blythe

This is Blythe - primarily Blythe

Den of Angels - BJD

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