Tobias Wüstefeld creates Mario skull art for 8-bit show

Jul 03 // Vanessa Cubillo    @LyingDelilah

skulls are very useful

Tobias Wüstefeld is an illustrator, designer, and director from Germany who also likes to do art. For an 8-bit art show in Vienna, We Love 8bit Art Show, he made these Super Mario levels sculpted on top of animal skulls. Using the skulls as a base, he made tiny Goombas, Koopa Troopas, a Piranha Plant, and of course, Mario into tiny figures.

The finished product shows the figures and platforms hand painted and arraigned to look just like a level you would make Mario jump through. After the show in Vienna,Wüstefeld's work will be shown at the We Love 8bit Art Show in Berlin in September.

[via Geek Art]

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