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Tiki Stitch color-ways make me long for a luau

9:00 AM on 08.28.2012 // Pedro Cortes

Of the dozens and dozens of Disney characters out there, Stitch is by far my favorite. The little blue hellion has immense amount of personality and is down right cute. Whenever I see a version of him, I have to stop and take a look. This is especially true of the wood and stone color-ways of Eric Tan's Tiki Stitch.

Originally released as a single Tiki color by Mindstyle, the black "lava" version was released last year during San Diego Comic Con. During this year's SDCC, Mindstyle put out these two additional colors. Lucky for us, these limited figures didn't sell out at the con, so you can still pick them up. Wood Stitch (limited to 500 piece) costs $174.99 while Rock Stitch (limited to 100 pieces) will set you back $189.99.

Man, I love the way these have been painted. The textures look incredibly well done, so much so that I can believe that these have been hewn from the appropriate materials. Looking back at the previous two releases, it's clear that this great quality is a trend. Ah, if only I had the money and space to display such a great statue. What do you guys think of ol' Stitch here?

[via Tomonosuke]

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