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TIAF 2009: Max Factory's Real Image Yoko

10:00 AM on 03.19.2009 // Andres Cerrato

We've joked about the fact that there are a lot of figures of Yoko out there.  They have done just about everything they could to make the figure different.  Her hair is up, her hair is down, she's fixing her hair, fixing her ripped stockings, having a different colored top, holding her gun, you get an idea in your head and you can bet there's a figure of it.  The last thing that hasn't been delivered is a real Yoko.  As there are laws against that sort of thing, we'll just have to settle for a figure.

Spotted yesterday in Akiba Hobby's TIAF 2009 coverage, we learned of the new release from Max Factory, a 1/8 Yoko Real Image Version.  It reminds me a lot of an earlier resin piece that we had covered here, but now just as gorgeous without all the work.  There hasn't been any word yet on how much the figure will cost or when it will be released, but you can use this set of pictures of finished prototype to hold you over until Yoko figure no. 133 comes into your collection.  I still haven't begun a Yoko collection, but I'm sure this will have to be a starting point.

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