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Thundercats statue to bust out Lion-O and the Sword of Omens

2:00 PM on 09.26.2009 // Rio McCarthy

Thunder, thunder, Thundercats.. HOOOOOO! Oh how I loved Thundercats growing up, and now you'll be able to get a Lion-O of your very own to take home. This cold cast porcelain statue will stand around 14 inches tall and includes a color collectors box. It was sculpted by Paul Bennett, and will be painted and ready for display upon arrival.

Unfortunately it won't be releasing until the first part of 2010, but you can go ahead and get your pre-order in now through Hard Hero Enterprises. You can get the statue for $200, or if you want to pay just a wee bit more, you can even have it signed by the artist for $215. It looks like it's only available for the US on this website, but with a bit of searching I'm sure you international Thundercats lovers can find it as well. Until then, it's time to go watch old cartoons now!

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