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ThunderCats appears to be canceled... again

6:00 PM on 08.31.2012
ThunderCats appears to be canceled... again photo

A day after TNI ran a story about ThunderCats still possibly being on the loose, it now appears that the cage doors have slammed shut on this cartoon reboot. The show's art director, Dan Norton, has claimed the following on Facebook: "Let me just say, nobody is working on TCats. It would take years to get it back on tv if we started today. Draw your own conclusion."

The conclusion everybody seems to be drawing? That ThunderCats' second life is over. While the news has  yet to be confirmed by an official press release, Norton's statement would seem fairly telling. However, others optimistically believe that the show is going forward without Norton and some staff since neither Bandai nor Cartoon Network has officially acknowledged a cancellation (and, in fact, the last official comment involved trying to work the show into Cartoon Network's schedule).

Although I still haven't seen a single episode (I watched some clips!), this is decidedly terrible news that would seemingly doom the figure line (which has all but vanished from retail) as well. While Bandai's handling of the ThunderCats figure lines had been shaky, the company was improving towards the end and many were hoping to get a full roster of the classic 80s characters which would become a longshot in the absence of the cartoon. Given how insistent everybody involved in the project had been that it wasn't canceled as recently as two months ago, it's hard to know what to believe other than the future for this beloved series is uncertain even under the very best circumstances.

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