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Throwback Thursdays: Ensky/Organic's Cammy figure

3:00 PM on 06.17.2010 // Brian Szabelski

Welcome one, welcome all to the debut of Tomopop's newest feature, Throwback Thursdays! What's this, you might be wondering? In short, what Throwback Thursdays is is a way for us to review older figures that are still available. Think of it as a service to you, the Tomopop reader, on whether you should shell out your hard-earned money on an older figure or not, since the toy blogosphere hasn't been around for as long as they've been making things to collect.

Today, we're kicking things off with, what else, an older Cammy figure I've recently added to my collection. I've already jumped in and bought her, but should you follow my lead? Hit the jump and find out!

The basics:

Figure: Cammy White (Capcom Girls Statue #3)

Scale: n/a (19 cm tall)

Material: PVC

Manufacturer: Ensky/Organic

Release date: January 2007

Original suggested retail price: 4,800 yen (approx. US$52)


As with all good reviews, we'll start with the box. There really is not much to show off here, as on both the front and sides, the box is dominated by open windows.  It's actually a fairly plain and boring box, other than providing a nice view of the figure inside. 


Her plastic covering inside isn't a whole lot to write about either: easy to get apart and seems to hold her place fairly well. But I bet you want to see her out of the box now, right?


Ask and ye shall receive. Cammy's a non-scale figure, but she's actually somewhere around 1/9 scale when you factor in Cammy's in-game height of 5'4" (162 cm). No fancy accessories, no castoffability or anything like that. She just comes with her stand and whatever lovely features have been crafted into the figure.


Cammy's stand is fairly plain. Other than the foot pegs sticking out from it, it's a translucent piece of light blue plastic that matches the color of her Shadowloo uniform. It also leaves a bit of a big footprint on the shelf, but when you look at Cammy's pose, I think that's intentionally done to help give her a bit of support.


In a word, her face is gorgeous. Most Cammy figures go for the realistic look, and while that's fine, EnSky has given her an anime-like feel. I absolutely love the choice, as it makes her look very, very cute. She kind of has this expression like she's just staring at you with those big blue eyes of hers, wanting to see if you notice her. No sly smile, no winking eye or anything like that. Still, it fits the overall feel of the piece, but if I have to knock EnSky for anything, her scar needs to not be so yellow.


Her pose is pretty natural. I only say pretty natural because she looks to be leaning a tiny bit more than might be possible, but it's nothing too extreme. I love the way her arms are positioned to kind of help give the leaning feel, though, as she's just hot enough without falling into the overly sexual category.


Some of the little touches, too, like Cammy's hand tucked beneath her uniform, kind of add to that aesthetic. She's almost teasing us, isn't she? 


The one thing I love about Cammy is her sculpt and color. There's a lot of little details worked into this piece, especially that hand I just mentioned. The details are pretty nicely sculpted from the braids of her hair to her padded shoulders (which actually look padded!) to the slightest folds on her boots as she leans in. The color is especially vibrant and nice, without a dull color in sight. I really love the deep peacock blue they've used for her uniform, in contrast to many other figures using a lighter shade. That one color choice seems small, but it makes her stand out very well.


Of course, it wouldn't be Cammy without a nice shot from behind. As you can see, her legs and butt are sculpted very well, and they've even made sure to define where her shoulderblade pops out a bit in the back.


But there are some issues with this figure, and not just that she might turn into a leaner because of that pose. The biggest problem, at least that I noticed, is that there are seams visible on her leg when you look close enough. I didn't notice them at first until I was taking some close-up shots, but they're there and they are a bit annoying, especially since they run through her camoflauge, too.


A second, smaller issue is that the fingers on her right hand seem a little elongated. I don't know if that's just me being a bit picky or what, but it's just something I noticed that kind of annoyed me.


Paint bleeding on Cammy isn't much of an issue, though there's a minute amount around her gloves and fingers simply from  the close quarters. The good news is that whatever bleed there might be is so minimal that, again, I didn't even notice it until I actually inspected her up close for defects. The worst of it is on her armband's underside, which they didn't really do a good job of avoiding.


So in the end, what do I think? Even with some of her flaws, this is definitely not a figure that you should pass up on if you're a Cammy fan. For her price and size, she stands out because of her unique design and interesting pose. She's definitely a better Shadowloo Cammy than some of the more expensive figures and that blue they've used for her uniform really pops. I seems every time I review a Cammy I say this, but it's the best Cammy figure I currently own, hands down.

Want to pick her up for yourself? Well, you're in luck: one seller on Amazon has her for $40, but they've only got two left. Of course, they had three, but one of those is the one you've just been reading about. Act quick or you'll probably regret it!

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