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Throwback Thursdays: DC Direct's Cover Girls of the DC Universe Wonder Woman

2:00 PM on 07.01.2010 // Tomopop Staff

Welcome, my friends, to the third installment of Throwback Thursdays, where we sit down to review some older yet still accessible figures that we might have missed the first time around. This time, I'm leaving the realm of PVC and embarking on a journey into the world of affordable statues.

I know I've ranted in the past about DC Direct and their atrocious quality control problems, but I've also made sure to point out that the guy who sculpts these, Jack Matthews, is an absolutely fantastic sculptor. So let's just get right to it shall we? Let me introduce you to Diana Prince, or, as you might call her, Wonder Woman. 


Wonder Woman, freed from her glass cage alongside the other statues in the line. I really wanted to open by giving you a good example of how she looks in comparison to the other figures. And what better way to do that than by just taking them all together. Of all of the statues, Wonder Woman is my absolute favorite, which is saying a lot when you consider she's standing next to the only character I like more than Wonder Woman, Black Canary. With that out of the way let's just get right into the meat of the review.


I love the presentation of the boxes of these figures. The use of the cover art they were based on as well as some pretty good product shots let you know exactly what you are getting while also promoting the other figures in the line. Full credit is given to both the artist, Adam Hughes, and the Sculptor, Jack Matthews. Both do an absolutely spectacular job bringing the character to life in her most iconic look. This is everything I could want in a Wonder Woman figure.


It really is a wonderful sculpt. I love the way a lot of the details are kept simple while at the same time still being beautiful. The paint job sticks within the lines and really helps capture a bit of humanity in the figure. I also love the way the lasso snakes around like it does. But let's zoom in a little bit and take a look at some closer shots.


This actually leads to one of my only problems with the figure. The eyes were painted a little too black. It makes her seem, I don't know how to describe it. A little high maybe. If you look at it from different angles it actually seems to change the expression. Sometimes it seems to feel aloof or uninterested. I get that it's probably supposed to represent the eyelashes but it really detracts from the overall presentation of the figure.


Closing in on the bustier you once again see that they really did do a good job with the color and the paint. Keeping it simple can sometimes be the way to go and this time around it really worked for me. I just really like the job they did bringing the character to life. It feels tight but still like it was separate from the flesh that would be beneath it. They also did a really good job at making it feel angular rather than trying to be too sleek. I do with the guards were pushed out a little more to make them feel a bit separate but I still absolutely love what they did with it. 

And yes, the star spangled panties are represented on this figure. As much as I would have loved it if the writers that wanted to add an armored skirt to the character were able to, they weren't. This is the iconic representation of the character and I can live with that. Honestly, while I would prefer the addition of a skirt this is still a look I can live with and am always happy to own since it screams Wonder Woman.


I'll be honest, I absolutely love the boots, especially the way they were depicted during this era of the character's life. You know how they were depicted? Let's turn them around a bit so I can show you. 


Notice what they don't have? High heels! during this era of the character she actually wore boots rather than the idiotic high heeled boots. Complain all you want about her wearing hooker boots but if you take away the heels, suddenly it adds a ton of class into the character that isn't there when she's wearing high heeled boots.

We'll head the rest of the way back up by really taking a closer look at my favorite part to this figure, the lasso.


This however also leads you to one other small problem area. As it is a hard wire connected inside the leg, there is a small blemish around the connection point. Not enough to really bother me but it is there and I wouldn't be doing my duty if I didn't point that out. It's still such a small issue that it doesn't really detract from the figure for me.


I absolutely love the way it curls around the body and then loops at the belt point. It's so perfect that I have trouble dealing with it. I can't point out enough the marvelous job they did with a lot of the smaller aspects on the figure.


From both sides it does an excellent job at keeping a nice steady curve. Rather than having it look like a piece of bent wire it manages to look like something that really could be a rope if it were frozen in time. Although I do have to say that you do see a little bit of that on the right hand side of the figure. It's not bad, but there is some straightening of the line.


Finishing off the lasso we can really get a pretty good look at the hair on the character. I love the job they did with it sweeping back as if being pushed by a strong wind. I just love it. It's also missing something I see in a lot of DC figures, messed up blemishes. There just aren't any and it really leaves me extremely happy to own this figure. 


Gratuitous butt shot interlude ... mostly to point out the small blemish on the back of the belt. It's a very small issue but it is there. It's really not super noticeable unless you get right up to it. Leaving me to call it a bit of a non issue. 


This is another example of why I like this figure though. Get it out in the right light and she really does look real. Just a wonderful job all around when it came to the painting of the flesh. The curves and the musculature of the character are very representative of how it would look if someone were in this pose. There are a lot of small details that this figure does an excellent job of and the musculature really is quite fantastic. 


And here it is, my biggest problem with the character, a single tiny drop of red paint on the arm. The figure is so fantastic that I can pass this off as a birthmark or something like that. Still it's one of those things that sometimes happens and it falls through the cracks. All in all though it really doesn't diminish from the overall figure which is really quite a stunning piece. 


Will I tell you to buy her this time around? I know I've shown trepidation about recommending DC Direct figures in the past. I know I've said you should open a box first before you buy it, but honestly, in this case it's worth the risk. I'm more than extremely happy with the figure and at $100 it's a damn good deal for a statue of this size. So yes, go out and buy it. Especially since DC Direct has been re-releasing this line over the last couple of months. You can still find it online pretty easily and I'll be sure to let you know when the re-release pops up for full order soon.

Be sure before you head out be sure to hit up the gallery, where I've got even more shots of this fantastic figure.

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