Throwback Thursday: Teacher Yomako with Nakim and Maosha


I've always been pretty open about the fact that I am no fan of Gurren Lagann's Yoko. I kind of think she's like a Black Widow spider. Why does everyone she loves meet such gruesome fates? Well, at any rate, there have been some great figures of her, and even I can admit that despite my mixed feelings about her effect on the menfolk.

As part of our Throwback Thursday series, we will check out one of my favorite versions of her today in PVC form. Called Teacher Yomako with Nakim and Maosha, it depicts her with two of her students and shows off a side of the character that is sweeter and less about booty shorts and big guns. Maybe that's why I like it so much.

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Figure name: Teacher Yomako with Nakim and Maosha
Figure Maker: Wave 
Original release date: October 2009
Retail price: ¥8,500 (US$102.22)
Available at: Hobby Link Japan 
I'm going to sound like a broken record for most of this feature, because as I shot it, all I said to myself over and over was "This is so precious. This is so sweet." And in fact, it really is. The front of the box is just a teaser for the lovely figure that's inside. If you want to see more shots of the box, check out our gallery.

I mean ... wow. Just look at it. The pose Yomako is in, the expression on her face, the joy and trust in the expressions of the children, their sweet outfits ... I could just go on and on about what a charming figure this is. And in fact, I plan to.
Every angle of this figure is good. Of course, we have Yoko's trademark red hair flowing down her back, but I also love the flow of Maosha's skirt and the little button detail on the back of Nakim's overalls.
They didn't sacrifice Yoko's bodacious bod for this figure, as you can clearly see here, but I simply love her face. It's sweet and happy, and it's the just the way I would expect her to look. In fact, I remember a scene from the anime where she looked just like this, and I love that Wave brought that to life here.
About the body ... dang. Speaking of, though, this shot actually shows off some sculpt imperfections on the breasts. While the figure is not shabby by any means, it has a few issues like this that you'll want to consider if you think about buying this piece.
Side view looks decent, but you can also see the seam along the side of the body becomes rough as it extends down past the hip.
These children are just the heart of the piece, in my eyes. Naosha really gets to me with her excitement to hold Yomako's hand, and the small hand fits perfectly in place with the larger. 
Can you imagine a child looking at you with such implicit trust? It really does warm my heart just looking at it.
Nakim is absolutely precious. If you focus in on his face, you will be unable to keep yourself from making a squeeing sound, I promise you that.
See? Ahhhhhhh!

This figure is beautiful, and it has something to it in spirit that most others don't. That being said, the details of this figure are not perfect, as we've shown you in the photos above. I think Wave's attention to quality has gone up since this figure was made in 2009. However, sometimes you trade a little bit of quality for something with a lot of personality, and this is one of those times. This figure is a bit pricier than most of what is out there, but it's also got something special to it too. It's up to you whether that spark is more important than a few imperfect seam lines.

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