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Throwback Thursday: Alter's Miss Nobody from Zoku Satsuriku no Jango

3:00 PM on 07.08.2010 // Cherrycat

I don't play video games. Well, I do have one game on my PC, which I sometimes play online with some friends. It may be a generational thing, but I just didn't really get into them. Based on some of the figures I've seen, and a couple that I own, I know for a fact that I'm missing out on some cool stuff. It doesn't stop me from admiring the art, or enjoying figures based on characters from those games. Which brings me to Miss Nobody. She comes from the eroge Zoku Satsuriku no Jango, a stylized Space Western full of scantily clad babes toting big guns. Move over Clint-Eastwood-Man-With-No-Name guy, there's a new broad in town.

I'd like to call Alter's Miss Nobody my Holy Grail figure, but the same would apply to the other hard-to-find figures on my list, so it wouldn't be fair. She was, though, very high up on my list of Must Haz Figgur!! I can't believe I just did that.

Come, follow me after the jump, and I'll introduce you to her.

Another terrific figure. I've been getting lucky with that recently. I was afraid that once I got her I'd be somehow disappointed, but not only did she not disappoint, she was better than anticipated. The colors, for example, are a bit toned down, which works great for the Western motif. Nothing flashy here. She is really well proportioned, too, from the top of the hat to the pointy tips of her boots.


The box she comes in is very blah. Windows in front and back, with little windows on either side, and a couple of pictures of Miss Nobody. A little flimsy, I think, but she is well protected inside. The form fitting plastic clam shell thing, with plenty of little bits of plastic sheeting, keep her snug and safe from harm.


A super dynamic pose. I see lots of movement from the short cape, the long hair trailing away, her leg in mid-stride. But once she's on her base, she's almost facing away from us. The "front" of the figure, in relation to the base, is an eye full of her Pepperbox, and her very shapely behind.


As you rotate her counter-clockwise, the "front" of Miss Nobody finally comes into view. Quite shapely she is, and strong, too, as she appears to be handling both the Colt and the Pepperbox with ease. Her skin seems a bit on the pale side, considering how little she's wearing while being exposed to desert-like conditions. I can live with it, though.


As we continue rotating her, we get a better look at her Army Colt, but we lose other details as her cape and hair come into view. I love the cape. I love the color, a matte black that reflects nothing, and I love how the shoulders are layered. The white trim actually works pretty well, too, and her hair just looks great.


Here we get a better look at the hair. I have a thing for hair, I admit. Funky hair seams, or globs of paint just turn me off. Yuck. Here, we have well-executed and designed hair. From this angle, we also get a look at her holster. That big Colt will easily reach down to her knee once it's in the holster.


Here's a closeup of the Pepperbox. These are quite interesting, as they were the precursors to the single barrel revolvers we know today. They varied in size and number of barrels. Really cool pieces. The barrels on the piece Miss Nobody is holding are just there -- I think they should have made the holes deeper. The scroll work on the grip, though, is just nuts.


When you see a girl wearing a leotard type thing, with a mini-mini skirt over it, kinda leaning forward as she's kinda running, you're bound to get some cheesecake. In the case of Miss Nobody, this is a good thing. It also allows me to truly appreciate the effort she put into coordinating her outfit.


Miss Nobody's base is probably the worst I've seen. It's this bland, cheesy looking round piece of plastic with her name on it. Like a total after thought. "Oh, crap! We forgot the base!" But, they saved in the end by adding this bust/head thing with a tentacle looking thing dripping up. It may have some significance in the game, but here it's just a cool thing.


Everywhere you look on this figure you're going to find cool little details. I especially like the cross on the sole of her boot. It took me a while to really notice it. I was distracted by her other assets.


Miss Nobody's face is gorgeous. I just love those eyes. And she's smoking a cigarillo, as any good Western character should. She has a pretty nifty hat to top everything off. That skull and bones would make any pirate proud.


I could go on and on, but you guys get the idea. The good: she's absolutely gorgeous, and would be a fine addition to any collection. The bad: she's a few years old, is hard to find, and expensive. She's well worth the effort and expense, though. What do you think? Is she someone you'd be interested in finding? Let me know.

PS- Here's a sample eBay search. I'm not suggesting you buy here, but this will give you an idea of her rarity.

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