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ThreeZero's Zoids Shield Liger and Iron Kong

7:00 AM on 07.31.2013 // Scarecroodle

Here's hoping for a Genobreaker

ThreeZero showed off two new 1/72-scale Zoids figure prototypes -- a painted Shield Liger and an unpainted Iron Kong -- at Summer Wonder Festival. These figures are based on Takara's original designs (as part of a ThreeZero/Takara-Tomy collaboration) and constructed in articulated ThreeZero style.

The Shield Liger is among the most recognizable designs in the Zoids franchise, mostly resulting from one being piloted by the hero (Van) of Zoids: Chaotic Century (well, at least up until the Zoid was upgraded to the Blade Liger). As such, it's a great selection for ThreeZero's line. ThreeZero's Shield Liger features a dusty, battle-hardened paint job which helps portray the Shield Liger has having gone through a good deal of combat out in the field. The sculpting work on the Shield Liger seems very solid, with a lot of crisp detail. The whole thing seems nothing short of fantastic.

The Iron Kong displayed alongside the Shield Liger is apparently billed as being a unpainted, rough prototype. The Iron Kong is a mainstay of the Zoids franchise, most often being used by some opposing force. ThreeZero's Iron Kong appropriately stands a good deal taller than the Shield Liger and its bulk provides a nice contrast. Here the sculpting is also really neat and I suspect that the Iron Kong may look even better than the Shield Liger when painted.

Be sure to check out the gallery for photos and concept/design artwork.

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