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Threezero: Genos

Threezero's 1/6 Genos is crazy awesome

11:00 PM on 03.22.2017 // Tianxiao Ma

The cyborg never looked so imposing

As the second season of One Punch Man draws near(ish), Threezero is gearing up to release another figure from the series. This time it's Genos, Saitama's cyborg disciple! This is a slick 1/6-scale articulated figure with battery-powered lighting effects!

I'm gonna be honest, their 1/6 Saitama - while faithful to the character design - looks like a dollar store action doll. It's just inherent to Saitama's look. This Genos, though, is a work of art! What's especially cool is how Threezero worked in Genos' various weapons. It goes without saying, they made Genos look like a proper badass!

Japan-based collectors can order from the Good Smile Online Shop for ¥25,920. International customers can put in their pre-orders for US $190.00 from the Threezero store. There's also an exclusive edition with incinerator cannon arm parts for US $210.00. Check out Kahotan's Blog for the full preview!

[ Pre-order standard version at Good Smile Online Shop | Threezero Store ]

[ Pre-order exclusive version at Threezero Store ]

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Tianxiao Ma, Associate Editor
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