ThreeA is teasing pictures of a delicious new World War Robot

Dec 14 // Colette Bennett

Don't even get me started on threeA, because once I start babbling about them, I never stop. Instead, let's focus on this new robot that they are teasing on their forum, which we found via Spanky Stokes. And which we want really, really bad. Or I do, anyway.

We don't have too much info on this guy aside from the fact that he clearly has a Japanese theme. The first teaser, posted on the threeA blog here, shows a small sidecar piece, while the larger robot was posted with the title "JDF huh?". Fans are drooling on the forums, as they right should be ... this looks like a sick set.

We'll bring you more details as soon as we hear them, but what do you think of what they've shown us so far? 

Photo Gallery:   (you can use your arrow keys)


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