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Three customs Hell Lotuses blossom

8:15 PM on 10.29.2012 // Brian Szabelski

J*RYU, Phu!, Artmymind among artists featured in Nov. 3 show

Coming this weekend to Singapore is the first Hell Lotus Art Show; if you haven't guessed by the title, the canvas for the artwork on display will be Mighty Jaxx's Hell Lotus. We've gotten sneak peeks from three artists, and each custom is a totally different take on the same figure.  First, we're getting a glimpse at Phu!'s custom, Midnite Phantom, which he's turned into a mecha hover cruiser that looks awesome. Artmymind's custom features bright coloring reminiscent of Tibetan monk garb. Finally, J*RYU has posted some teasers of his custom, mixing some dapper looks with his sculpted ghost characters.

These three customs join Hell Lotus customs from Antz, Arkiv, Arttech, Ben Qwek, Bony, Brent Nolasco, Cable, Chauskoskis, Clogtwo, Daniel Yu, Dave Pressler, Dem, Eeshaun, Hydro74, Inkten, Jaxx,JXL, Kristal Melson, Luke Chueh, M.Stik, MAD, Mamafaka, Mark Nagata, McBess, Meggs, Monster Gallery, Onetwodelta, Quiccs, Rage, Ratking, Sheep, Sklo, Spaz, Speak Cryptic, Orkibal, Nataliette, The Yellow Dino, Tiramisuzi, Wanton Doodle and Zero on Saturday, Nov. 3 at Sup Clothing (34 Haji Lane, Singapore) starting at 8 p.m. Singapore Standard Time. Looks like it'll be a great show; go if you can!

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