Thor Frog makes me leap for joy with this awesome bust

2:00 PM on 07.09.2011

I sat and prayed just the other day for guidance, as I was clearly proven to be a negative nelly who hates everything. "Please Lord, give me something to talk about that will elicit pure joy!" And low, He doth send me this Thor Frog Bust from on high. On high and from Gentle Giant. Throg, or Thor Frog depending on how wachy you'll let things get, is Thor's pet frog, also somehow imbued with the powers of the thunder god, including his very own hammer named Frogjolnir. I am not making this up.

When it comes to busts and statues, I'm a pretty big stickler about demanding some sort of cool pose, seeing as how it's not going to be moving so I had better be entertained right away and forever. Throg does away with any worries there as his pose is entertaining and full of life. It's like looking at a cross between Marvel comics and Chrono Trigger, and that makes me happy!

Of course, at the end of these little articles we always have to come down to the catch, in this case the money. For something this cool, surely I'm spending hundreds of dollars? Nope. I was blessed, as I mentioned earlier, so Throg is only US$39.99. I...I have no words for that. I absolutely expected to see a price closer to US$120 or something. Forty bucks? Even I can afford that, and I'm a cynical pauper! If you're like me and need a bust of a frog dressed as Thor, pre-order now, but you will have to wait until January of next year for him to hop into your life.

See? I can be nice, too.

[Pre-order at Entertainment Earth]

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