This year's Snow Miku to have plush version, too

No surprise, there's a ton of other Snow Miku merch coming

1:00 PM on 02.01.2013

In news that should shock nobody, this year's Snow Miku will have a ton of merchandise related to the upcoming Sapporo Snow Festival where the Nendoroid will debut, and that includes a plush. As announced on Crypton's official Snow Miku page, Hokkaido Family Mart locations will have the Snow Miku plush starting on Feb. 6. She isn't going to be cheap, though: you're looking at paying ¥3,150 for her.

There's also other Vocaloid and Miku-themed products that will be on sale at Hokkaido Family Mart locations, including a Hachune Miku nikuman (meat bun) that made me laugh when I saw it. Why? Well, if looks like poor Hachune Miku is terrified you're about to eat her. Well played, Family Mart.

[via Vocaloid Blog]

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