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This Week in Tomo: Give Kristina Ibuki

12:00 PM on 07.25.2011 // Pedro Cortes

Welcome to This Week in Tomo, where two editors geek out about the toys they want.

This week there are quite a few things that Kristina and I found irresistible. Actually, we both got a couple of our bigger wishes granted, all thanks to a garage kit and Kotobukiya. There isn't a lot of Wonder Festival and SDCC post talk since this was recorded Friday, but we a couple of things we talk about was seen on the site while the dual festival insanity was going on. We also talk about Tomopop meet-up plans at Otakon, so if you're going to rather large Baltimore convention, you'll want to give this week's video a peek.

Hit the jump to watch the goods!


A note to Otakon attendees, Kristina and I will be recording This Week in Tomo at the con, so if you want in on the video be sure to meet us at the Starbucks by registration. Look for the Tomopup and the large hispanic dude wearing a Doctor Who shirt!

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