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This new Nadia pre-order is no secret

9:00 PM on 12.21.2012 // Emily Smalara

Griffon - 1/7 Scale

Nadia's recent popularity continues thanks to Griffon! Hot on the heels of last month's Wave figure comes a more properly scaled figure, giving some much needed size to the tanned beauty. They've gone for her traditional outfit, so there's not much to say that didn't already apply to Wave's offering, except, well, larger.

Gainax fans might froth at the mouth for the latest news from Evangelion, but I'll always prefer Nadia myself, and when I think of the studio she's almost always one of the first things in mind. She's a simple design, but Griffon nails it from top to bottom. You can see the telltale Gainax art style particularly in the look of her face, and her trademark red vest and skirt are well in place. Of course she wouldn't be Nadia without her multitudes of jewelry, and Griffon hasn't missed a beat, including everything from bracelets to earrings to her recognizable pendant as well.

Being the fan that I am it's hard to recommend one Nadia over the other, but with a fairly low asking price of only ¥7,600 at retail, you'd be hard pressed to justify passing her up in March!

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | J-List ]

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