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This Kurumu Kurono gallery packs on the pounds

11:59 PM on 01.20.2012 // Emily Smalara

Surprising few who know me, I'm a big fan of Rosario + Vampire. Vampires and succubi and yuki-onna, oh my! I'd be hard pressed to decide which of the cast's lovely ladies I'm most fond of, though our leading succubus Kurumu is certainly a contender.

Unfortunately, in its neverending quest to exaggerate all things busty, Orchid Seed may have missed the mark with this upcoming release. I have to disagree with our initial assessment regarding her facial sculpt in particular. Mature and "sexy" she may be, but Orchid Seed seems to have forgotten these are supposed to be high school students. What might pass for a model of some cheap eroge character doesn't work for the distinct style of Rosario, and does a pretty poor job of capturing Kurumu's appeal.

Far from this being the only issue, however, thanks to being as shameless as ever Orchid Seed's castoffable clothes means Kurumu loses her slender build and looks like she's been packing on the MOS Burgers. While the frame beneath the clothing is a bit more tolerable, for those of us who don't tend to display their figures as naked as possible it's a real disappointment.

If you haven't made your decision yet, you can see for yourself at this recent gallery. If for some reason you're still immune to her succubus wiles, we've got your pre-orders taken care of with our previous coverage.

[via Moeyo]


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