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This is a $2,275 handmade Rainbow Dash plush

11:00 AM on 12.01.2011
This is a $2,275 handmade Rainbow Dash plush photo

No. No, that headline is no typo. This handmade Rainbow Dash plush sold for US$2,275 in an eBay auction recently. It's a 10-inch one-off plush by BabyLondonStar of Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in her Galloping Gala dress. And it did sell for US$2,275. As you can tell, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that someone paid that much for a plush anything. What's more, the starting price was only US$0.99, and in less than six hours time, it reached US$2,000. Really.

Granted, it is an AMAZING plush quality-wise, and as a one-off, I'd very well say that it'd be worth several hundred dollars, without question. That being said ... I just can't see spending US$2,275 on a plush. That's about the same cost as my rent for four months, and frankly, I quite like having a roof over my head, thank you very much. Definitely congrats to BabyLondonStar for a successful sale, though, and I leave you with this question: is there any collectible you'd pay US$2,275 for?

This is a $2,275 handmade Rainbow Dash plush photo
This is a $2,275 handmade Rainbow Dash plush photo
This is a $2,275 handmade Rainbow Dash plush photo

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