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Gaming Heads: Mass Effect 3 Garrus Vakarian

This giant Garrus will help with your calibrations

3:00 PM on 05.29.2014 // Pedro Cortes

He'll snipe your heart

In my eyes, there aren't enough Mass Effect statues out there. Sure, there are a bunch of ships and guns, but I'm talking about character stuff. For a series that has some fantastic aliens and people in its cast, there's criminally few things I can buy. Thanks to Gaming Heads, we'll at least have one more fantastic statue to buy.

Their 1/4 scale Garrus Vakarian is simply massive, clocking in at 21 inches. To add to the large-scale is an impressive sculpt and wonderful paint job that highlights all the detail you'd expect. You've got the scars on Garrus's face, the scratches and joints in his armor and, of course, his gun. You can't have Garrus without a sweet-looking sniper rifle in his hand!

Unfortunately, such size and quality comes with a hefty price tag. Come first quarter 2015, you'll be able to own Gaming Head's Garrus for $329.99 USD. Pricey, but not bad when you consider the figure itself and it's production run of only 1000 figures. I really wish I had the extra scratch to order Garrus, but I just can't justify it at this time. However, if Gaming Heads were to do, say, a Tali, I might suddenly find the money for it. Well, at least find enough to go through with their three-month payment plan.

[ Pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store | Gaming Heads]

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