This gallery of Yamato's SIF EX Mistral Nereis makes me want to play Shining Hearts

12:00 PM on 08.30.2011 // Kristina Pino

Seriously, I haven't played the game, but Yamato has a way of making everything look absolutely gorgeous. This gallery is showing off G.O.'s rendition of Mistral from Shining Hearts, a SEGA RPG for the PSP.

Am I missing out? She looks beautiful with her red, black and white pirate outfit, corset and blond locks picked up into "twin tails" (sorry, they're always pigtails to me). The style of the dress, boots and sash look all frilly and perfect, with her sexy legs in stockings (with a dagger visible there) as the added touch pulling it all together. What's not to love? She even has awesome pearl earrings (see header).

She's due for release in December, and in case you missed it before, she's still reserve-able (retail ¥9,800). What are you thinking about this release, Tomofolk?

[Pre-order at AmiAmi | HLJ | ToysLogic | Hobby Search | Play-Asia]

[Gallery via Akiba Hobby]


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