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This custom Rogue action figure is quite the lady

12:00 PM on 09.23.2011 // Chris Pranger

I know what I like, and what I like are custom action figures, articulation, and Rogue. Somehow people seem to tap into the oddly specific realm of "things that I like" and make custom figures just to taunt me. That's clearly what custom figure maker dbocustoms has done here with his Jim Lee Rogue custom action figure. Hot damn does that look cool. Picking Jim Lee's design for Rogue only helped make this something I want as that specific design, the one from the cartoon show, is what made me fall in love with the southern belle.

Tons of sculpting went into practice here, but the base is a Spider-Woman figure, which you can see in the breasts. What? Spider-Woman has a very distinct breast shape, alright? I'm not the only one who's been paying attention; don't say you didn't instantly see the connection. Anyway, the head comes from an Obrian figure (I have no clue what that is) that required the nose and jaw shaved down to better fit Rogue's come-hither stare. Crap! It's a figure! Focus Chris, focus!

A Forge figure had to sacrifice his belt for Rogue, as well as a sash from either a Psylocke or a Ms. Marvel, (dbocustoms couldn't remember which). Everything else is all custom made, including some work busting the figure open and touching some paint up. And was it worth it? You bet your finely-sculpted ass it was! Just look at the work here. Rogue's never looked so great. The jacket looks awesome and the hair is spot-on. You know what to do Mr. dbocustoms: Get in contact with me posthaste so that you may acquire the needed shipping address to send this to me immediately. But before this figure is sent to me, either by choice or rather forcibly, what does the Tomoworld think? Do I have to fight anyone for Rogue's gloved hand?

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Chris Pranger,
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