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This custom Hellboy by wwwetworks only has one glaring problem

12:00 PM on 07.28.2011 // Chris Pranger

I really like the Hellboy comics. You'd know this if you bothered to ask. I got into the trade paperbacks a few summers ago right after I read the first few issues of Spawn and said, "Man, if only I could read a comic about Hell and not have it royally suck." God heard that wish and granted me Hellboy, and then a few years pass and Carlo Cacho, AKA wwwetworks, decides to make a custom Hellboy action figure just because, "Hey, Hellboy, why not?"

Did I ever mention that I also like custom figures? I did? Good, then we can save some time here. What we're looking at right now is a 1/6th scale of Hellboy decked out in a snazzy black coat and a dapper paint job, Right Hand of Doom firmly in check (as if someone was leaving that out?). From what I can see, Hellboy has a fine amount of articulation, which is a requirement for my action figures at this point, plus the jacket is removable in case he has to get real down and dirty fighting some demonic scumbag. All seems to be well, but it's not.

See, Cacho falters with his custom design like so many others have faltered before him: I don't currently have this figure in my hands making "Bam! Pow! Crackabathom!" sound effects as it fights with Beast and the Ninja Turtles. For shame Carlo. I thought we were going to be great friends and that you had a wonderful career ahead of you with action figures, but I guess I was wrong. I'd give this full marks if I owned it, but because of this major oversight I'm giving it he greatest shame one can bestow: Nine Thumbs-Down. Where these thumbs come from is not up to me, but you can remedy this blemish by putting your hard work into a box and mailing it to me post-haste. Or you can settle for just having a cool custom Hellboy all to yourself, whatever man, you be that way.

So in conclusion, Carlo is a meanie-head but he does damn fine work.

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Chris Pranger,
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