This bonsai just may have you saying banzai!

Lego - custom

3:00 PM on 11.29.2012

It's probably not hard to notice, given my usual subject matter, that I'm a rather large fan of the Eastern side of the toy world. However, I'm also quite interested in the culture as well, making this custom Lego design catch my eye almost immediately.

I've always wanted to have the chance to cultivate a small bonsai, but without the opportunity perhaps this stunning piece from botanist Makoto Azuma may be a possible alternative! At first thought one might think the simplicity of a tree would not make for the most difficult model, until one then takes a look at the amount of detail crammed into every nook and twisting branch of this beauty.

I love the little focuses on things like making sure the ground isn't completely even, spotting the little moss bits on the tree, and even the careful angle of the trunk itself being the spitting image of a real tree. My only change? I'd love to see smooth lego pieces coating the top of the base for a nice, smooth, almost lacquered-wood look. Though I certainly understand leaving it as is to preserve the full feel of Lego involved. Now where are those DIY instructions?

[via Spoon & Tamago]

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