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These new RAH Evangelion figures make an impact

11:00 AM on 06.20.2013 // Tianxiao Ma

I can (not) afford

Evangelion 3.33 is out but I haven't really seen the wave of merchandise that I was expecting (hoping for, actually). This preview on the Amiami blog did catch my eye, though. It features two new Real Action Heroes figures by Medicom Toy: EVA-02' and Mari Makinami.

The blog preview and this post may contain minor spoilers, so if you don't want anything spoiled, stop reading now.

Basically what you're seeing are the new designs from Evangelion 3.33. EVA-02 received some upgrades, hence the name change to EVA-02'. You can see the new robotic arm and head design right off the bat. The figure comes with the twin sword weapon and the Gatling gun arm as well.

Mari's new RAH treatment is looking good too. The figure features her new plug suit and glasses design, and her face looks spot-on. I wish they'd include some alternate expressions or something; the only accessory shown so far is a water bottle. Lame!

Both of these will go up for pre-order next week.

[via Amiami blog]

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