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These Magazine scans open the WF exclusives floodgates

8:00 PM on 01.23.2013 // Chris Seto

Look who's back!

Wonder Festival is just around the corner (2 weeks to go to be precise) so all the companies are starting to throw out their lists of what event exclusives will be available to visitors to purchase!

Good Smile Company were first out the door and we've seen some of the Ques Q offering but this months hobby scans have also give us a peek at the exclusives from Medicom, Griffon, Orchid Seed and Volks! Being the fanboy that I am, I'm mostly interested in the Volks stuff. Really happy to see the gorgeous 1/4 scale KOS-MOS make another round (not surprising, considering the dollfie dream release) and we get yet another Walkure Romanze lady for the collection! (seriously, how many ladies are there in the game? Surely they're picking on bit characters by now!) The MoeKore+ Asuna also looks promising but Volks tends to stumble at the finish line with their PVC offerings so keep your guards up!

Medicom are giving us a variety of figures including some insanely priced figures of two of the eight kings of colour from Accel World! No info on the 2 other than that they are resin kits. Still, ¥19k is pretty steep, even for resin kits! Medicom are also revisiting GANTZ with a RAH figure of Kishimoto Kei. I've seen the RAH Reika closeup and the face looks way too plastic for my tastes so I'd pass.

What about you, readers? Are there any exclusives you want to try to get your hands on?

[via 2ch]

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