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These beach queens scans might warm up the winter nights!

2:00 PM on 12.22.2012 // Chris Seto

Protecting just the parts which are vunerable, according to anime law

Wave must be doing something right because, despite their diminutive size, lack of major details and just being rather plain boring, the beach queen line is going from strength to strength and this months magazine scans show us the next additions to the line.

Girl of the moment, Asuna from Sword Art Online gets her Beach Queen debut and Chiyu from Accel World joins her as well. Finally, Miho from Girls und Panzer brings up the rear with a custom and rather cute base which seems rather fitting for her. Sand Tank!!! And a little bit of news sneaks in with Miho! It seems that her teammate, Hana, will be joining her next in the Volks Charagumin line later in 2013.

For now Chiyu and Miho are planned for a June and July release. Miho will be a little more expensive though, no doubt due to the base but no words on when pre-orders are expected to open. Can't imagine that you have to wait too long though,

[via 2chan]

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