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The Xenosaga Dollfie Dream site opens up and teases more!

12:00 PM on 10.05.2012 // Chris Seto

Something old, something new

Volks have just made their Xenosaga III Dollfie Dream page live with a small image of who will be given the doll treatment. As expected, KOS-MOS ver 3 has made the cut but, in a bit of a surprise, Volks will also be making a Dollfie Dream MOMO!!!

While my mind is still trying to figure out how a DD KOS-MOS would work, MOMO is a good choice from Volks. Better than the episode 3 design for Shion at least. The site itself is still pretty bare right now with just the image announcing the characters on the page but an English version of the site is promised to go up soon. As for when the two will be up for ordering, I'm guessing around December. However, the site doesn't give any timetable or price tag. KOS-MOS is likely to be very expensive though, even by Dollfie Dream standards.

Many of you are probably disappointed by news of yet another KOS-MOS rendition, but how about MOMO? Me? I'm a sucker for things KOS-MOS. That's why I have the 1/4 scale resin kit on my desk! This Dollfie Dream intrigues me, to say the least!

[via Volks Dollfie Dream Xenosaga III page]

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