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The Worldbox 1/6 Lakor Baby is beyond creepy

1:00 PM on 12.28.2011 // Andres Cerrato

In my morning stroll of new pre-orders, this came across my eye. It wasn't due to how amazing it was or if I'd even want to buy it. This thing is beyond creepy. I know that The Joker in TDK is extremely popular, but this is just WTF personified. What you see above is a toddler dressed up as the bank robbers and The Joker. I honestly just can't bring up anything as to WHY a 1/6 poseable figure of a baby dressed as The Joker exists.

The Lakor Baby comes packaged with the various masks, a duffle bag and wooden guns. There's also the matter of lipstick so he can write "happy" instead of a line that's been beaten to death. I just don't get this piece at all. Perhaps the creepiest part of it is the normal head included with it. It just weirds me out.

In any case, you can actually buy this if you would like to creep out anyone in your vicinity. I'm sure they'll find this much more acceptable than a Precious Moments collection. Look for it in February for 11,800 yen.

[Pre-order at AmiAmi]

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